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We are located in Kent, Ohio and provide Misdemeanor Criminal Defense in Kent, Ravenna, Akron, Stow and surrounding areas.

While Misdemeanors are less serous than Felonies, they still can have severe consequences. Attorney Troy Reeves understands this and that is why you can trust that your case will receive the attention it deserves. There are several categories of Misdemeanors that carry carrying degrees of penalties:

Misdemeanor Penalties in Ohio

Classification Jail TermMax Fine
First Degree (M1) 0 - 180 days$1,000
Second Degree (M2)0 - 90 days$750
Third Degree (M3)0 - 60 days $500
Fourth Degree (M4)0 - 30 days $250
Minor Misdemeanor (MM)None$150


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