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We represent individuals facing alcohol related offenses such as Underage Drinking or Possession of Alcohol in Kent, Ohio, Akron, Stow and surrounding areas.

Prohibitions Lawyer (Underage Drinking / Possession of Alcohol)

Although many people view an Underage Drinking/Possession charge as being a minor offense it is actually classified as one of the most serious degrees of misdemeanors. Underage Drinking/Possession of Alcohol is a First Degree Misdemeanor. That means it is on the same level as DUI (OVI), Assault, and Theft. In other words, if you or a loved one has been charged with Prohibitions, it is important that you treat the matter seriously.

Many courts have established diversion programs for first time offenders. The diversion programs generally require individuals to complete alcohol assessments and attend alcohol educational courses as well as complete community work service. The benefit of such diversion programs is that the charges are typically dismissed upon successful completion of the program.

Disorderly Conduct / Public Intoxication Lawyer

Police, especially in Kent, Ohio, often target individuals walking home from the downtown bars and charge them with Public Intoxication. The Police typically allege that the offender posed a risk of harming themselves. However, the Public Intoxication statute is not aimed at punishing individuals who are merely heavily intoxicated. The statute is designed to thwart individuals who have had too much to drink from engaging in conduct that would create a substantial risk of physical harm to themselves. The statutory comments provide examples of such dangerous conduct including falling asleep outside in the freezing cold or attempting to tightrope walk across a bridge parapet. Simply walking while intoxicated is not sufficient to meet the elements of the offense. Attorney Reeves has successfully defending individuals facing such public intoxication charges. Please contact us today.


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